Successfully hit all levels of technology comfort for each teacher. For the team that had some time under their belts, you offered information and ideas that kept pushing them to be more efficient and creative with a 1:1 classroom. For those teachers newer to the iPad, you offered great information to help them become more comfortable and helped them envision how this 1:1 classroom can be. And everyone in between! You are easy to work with, easy to follow, and oh so creative and knowledgeable. We, here at CCES, are so thankful that we found you and can’t wait to have you back. Techchef4u has many budding sous chefs in Greenville, SC! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Caroline Bethel
Middle School Social Studies Grade 6

One of the most highly rated and complimented presenters at Mobile 2012. Her energy, excitement, and expertise make her an excellent educational technology cheerleader.

Tony Vincent
President of Tony Vincent, Inc.

Wealth of pedagogical, technical and practical knowledge.  In a world where “tips and tricks” often dominate teacher technology training, this is the real deal.  Effortlessly blends together sound pedagogical strategies, well-defined curriculum design and 21st century skills with the latest educational technology, in ways that are both informative and engaging for the teacher.

Kendra Grant
Chief Education Officer

TechChef4U was one of the earliest resources I turned to when trying to find the best apps available for the iPad to use in educational settings. Lisa Johnson, CEO, has been an invaluable supporter of Explain Everything as a tool to support student understanding and learning environments in general. As an early beta tester, she brought her experience and vast knowledge of what is out there to help make Explain Everything a stronger and more versatile tool. At the school where I work, we are beginning to leverage Twitter as an resource feed for our iPad professional development, and TechChef4U is one of the “go-to” resources whom we have everyone follow!

Reshan Richards
Creator, Explain Everything for iPad