Can iPads be SMART?

I will fully admit that I am not so smart when it comes to SMART. Yes, I can tell you where to find the best SMART lessons and I feel comfortable editing existing lessons using SMART’s suite of tools. However, I do not feel so comfortable creating a SMART activity from scratch.

SMART Sequence Sorting Activity

It all started a few weeks back when I was working with a Math Specialist to create an iPad Lesson for students to use in centers. The lesson focused on students utilizing the app iCardSort to complete a sequencing apptivity. The initial iLesson was exceptionally easy to create and disseminate (using the iCardSort public deck repository and/or the Beam/Blast option) on the iPad.

Original iPad Lesson using iCardSort app

When we finished, we discussed the option of creating a similar version of the activity using SMART (as some campuses do not have access to iPads and would still want to use the activity). Naturally, I brought the idea to my SMART certified ITS friend, Lisa Jackson, and she whipped up this SMART notebook that mimics the original iLesson. I will say that in looking at the SMART version (e.g. how it was created… and the process to edit/modify it), I prefer creating my apptivities in iPad…hands down.

Editing Existing Notebook File

That being said, SMART does offer multiple interactive and touch abilities that sometimes mimic various apps on the iPad. While the saying does hold true that “if you don’t have an iPad… you don’t have an iPad…”, I will say that SMART is definitely a nice alternative… in a pinch… when you can’t swipe.

SMART Notebook Sequencing Activity

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  1. Martine

    Hi, Do you know if there is a way to set the iPad restrictions so students cannot change the background image?
    We are running into students taking questionable photos and setting them as background image.
    Thanks love your blog.

    • lisajohnson2007

      To my knowledge, there is not currently a way to lock down backgrounds (unless you are dealing with jail-broken devices). That being said, you might wat to look into creating a custom numbered background: I would set both the lock and home screen with the custom image. If you do this, then I would just make it part of class check-in/check-out to ensure the custom image is always there. A little more on classroom management but it should prevent or at least deter inappropriate images.

      P.S. Glad you love the blog! Stay tuned for an upcoming iBooks publication “Hot Apps 4 HOTS” – a free PD workshop that uses free apps and individualized task card apptivities to model how you can use apps to support Bloom’s Taxonomy.

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