Exceptional E-Book Creators: Episode 20

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  1. Grade Level  and Content area taught
  2. Details and info about how you can, have, or will use app(s) to create an E-Book project with your class.
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Albums FX: Create Unlimited Books with Movies, Text, Photos, Animations, and Much More!

Now that I have your attention…

This is a supplement to “Appy Hours 4 You” Blog Talk Radio Show: Episode 20: “Exceptional E-book Creators“. In this episode we featured nine FREE apps that could be utilized to create an E-book on the iPad. We discussed the features of each app as well as how it could be integrated into the classroom in multiple content areas and grade levels.

This week we discussed the following free apps:

  1. Story Spine: (also check out Words 4 Students for more mad-lib like apps to create a framework for a creative writing piece)
  2. StoryKit: (International Children’s Library)
  3. Picturebook (take a glimpse at Picturebook School Edition with 250 illustrations in 12 complete picture sets)
  4. iPen Free: (take a peek at iPen, XNote, and XNote Free)
  5. Demibooks Composer: (take a gander at Demibooks Composer User Guide)
  6. Albums FX Lite: (leave a comment and be entered to win Albums FX with unlimited albums and pages and tons of content)
  7. Clibe: (take a peek at their site and all of the public journals in the Clibe gallery)
  8. ScrapPad Movie Night Collage: (also check out Back to School and 9 other FREE themed books)
  9. Album App: (Tips & Tricks)


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  1. Grade Level and Content area taught: K-12 Technology

    Details and info about how you can, have, or will use app(s) to create an E-Book project with your class.
    Looking to create resources to use with EC students that need a little extra boost in the classroom. I’m going to be working on ‘books’ for 2nd and 3rd graders in my first go-round. If those are successful, I will branch out to other grade-levels.

  2. This ia awesome! We are just finishing up a 5th grade Health Science Project on using movement breaks as self-regulation strategies. We wanted to use the iPads for the wrap up project, a “how to” book for first graders, but hadn’t found an app that allowed us to integrate video clips versus just photos into our books. This sounds perfect! And I’m already thinking about the possibilities for creating social stories with video modeling for some of our students with ASDs :)

    • lisajohnson2007

      Since you both left comments, you both WIN! Please email lisa.johnson@techchef4u.com to receive your promo code for Album FX!

  3. Terrific ideas! I just had an opportunity to use ScrapPad – WOW! There’s so many free ones. Super cool to create a professional looking graphic with my text. I used the picture and dropped it into iMovie for a slick beginning. Thanks so much for sharing.

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